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Real Experiences with the Inferno Original: Unbiased Reviews from Our Customers

Real Experiences with the Inferno Original: Unbiased Reviews from Our Customers

Welcome to the latest post on our blog at The Fire Pit Co! Today, we're doing something a bit different. Rather than tell you about the features and benefits of our Inferno Original flat pack fire pit ourselves, we're stepping back to let our customers do the talking.

We believe that the best endorsements come from real users – people who have experienced the warmth, convenience, and style of our products in their own backyards. That's why we're excited to share two independent, unsponsored reviews from customers who have taken the time to share their honest opinions about the Inferno Original.

These reviews are, unfiltered, and completely free from any sponsorship. They offer an authentic look at what it's like to own and use our Inferno Original fire pit, from assembly to the mesmerizing flames. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into what real users have to say about their experiences with our flagship product. Whether you're considering purchasing an Inferno Original or just curious about what makes it stand out, these reviews will give you a clear, unvarnished perspective.

The George Experiment - 
George purchased the Inferno Original Fire Pit and created his own review video. We didn't know about this until one of our customers tagged us in the video. 

This is an in depth unfiltered review on how to use and set up the Inferno original



The next reviewer is from a Canberra based Vlogger; Dion from Go Campout Australia - 

Dion purchased our Inferno Original and reached out a few weeks after dispatch with questions about our company, how and where it all began. Go Camp Out Australia review all things camping. Definitely a go to channel to check out other products and places to camp.