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Camping at Rivers Run: An Idyllic Weekend Escape with the Inferno Fire Pit

Camping at Rivers Run: An Idyllic Weekend Escape with the Inferno Fire Pit

Camping trips have a special magic to them. Especially when they take you to beautiful, hidden gems like Rivers Run on the Colo River in NSW. Just an hour and a half away from the bustling inner west of Sydney, my daughter and I found a peaceful paradise down by the river.

Arrival and First Impressions

Upon arriving at Rivers Run, a campsite recommended to me and found on HIPCAMP (like an Airbnb for campsites) , I was taken aback by its pristine surroundings. Managed by the wonderful Nady and Russ, this family-oriented niche campsite radiates a sense of safety and relaxation. With a very clear "no dick head policy," the vibe is always calm and serene, ideal for families looking to escape the urban chaos even if it’s for a weekend.

The meticulous care for the campsite is evident. From the clean toilet and shower block, offering handmade soaps courtesy of one of the owners, to open paddocks filled with horses and a plethora of wild life, the experience is unmatched. The campsites and positions vary depending on how many people in your camping party but you have so much space and privacy. Rivers Run have planned the layout perfectly to maximise space and relaxation. Rivers Run also offer glamping with beautifully set up large style tents. Definitely an option for those who don’t have or want camping gear.  The glamping tents offer a walk in and walk out approach to camping which makes a spontaneous weekend away so easy.

Figure 3 First impressions when arriving at the campsite we couldn't wait to check out the river

The Camping Gear & The Inferno Fire Pit

Our little camp was set up with our trusty double swag, awning, chairs, camp kitchen and of course, my Inferno Original fire pit from the Fire Pit Co. The Inferno isn't just any fire pit. Its my portable fire pit 60cm by 40cm dimensions when dropped to its lower height made it perfect for both warming up during the chilly nights and for our cooking endeavours.

I purchased this fire pit over 4 years ago and have used it regularly when camping and as a fire pit at home. It’s the 3mm thick version but as I understand The Fire Pit Co provides this in a 4mm thickness with additional stiffeners to prevent any heat distortion. From my pack up video you can see where the bottom bits have warped slightly. It doesn’t affect the functionality at all but I have flogged my fire pit for the past few years. I’m still impressed on how it performs every time I bust it out.

Figure 4 Campsite with Inferno Original firepit

Figure 5 the 44 gallon drum fire pit provided by the campsite

In addition to its efficiency, we added a touch of whimsy to our evenings with a packet of "magic fire." This extraordinary mix of minerals transformed our regular flames into a mesmerizing dance of light blues, greens, and deep reds. My daughter was absolutely exhilarated by the various colours. I've tried to capture the essence of this magic in photos, so do check them out. For those interested, the magic fire can be easily purchased online. I got mine from the Fire Pit Co while ordering the Inferno, and at $4.95 a packet, it's a delightful and affordable thrill.

Now, while Rivers Run generously provides a fire pit (a 44-gallon drum with legs) at each campsite, I found my Inferno Original to be more efficient. In fact, on comparing, I realized that the Inferno used a whopping 60% less timber than the 44-gallon drum, yet produced the same heat. For those keen on eco-friendly choices and cost efficiency, this fire pit is the answer. The pack up was mess free and simple.

Activities and Adventures

From playing Connect 4, cards, and ring swing in the evenings to daytime river adventures, building sandcastles, and spotting the aquatic life, our days were packed with joy. The breathtaking drive into the Wollemi National Park with its panoramic views remains etched in my memory. We wondered around the Rivers Run campsite on our nature walks just checking out the scene.

With the Inferno fire pit at our side, our meals were a delight. Pancakes for breakfast, sausages for dinner, and plenty of snacks in between, all cooked over its warm, inviting flames.

Figure 6 Pancakes for breakfast cooked on the Inferno Original fire pit

Nature’s Melody & The Departure

Waking up to the symphony of birds and watching bush turkeys amble around, nature was at its best at Rivers Run. Our Sunday ended with a refreshing morning dip, followed by packing up for our short drive home.

In Summary

Rivers Run is not just a campsite. It's an experience. Perfect for first-time campers or families seeking solace. And while many things made this trip special, my Inferno fire pit, combined with the magical hues of the "magic fire," added warmth and charm, proving that the right camping gear can elevate your outdoor experience.

If you're looking to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature, Rivers Run is the place to be. And don’t forget your Inferno fire pit – it's an essential companion for such adventures!

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