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Fire pit for 4-6 people, and our most popular and versatile pit

Inferno Original
Flat-Pack Fire Pit


The Inferno Original is our flagship fire pit and the ultimate camping kit. 

The Original can withstand all the elements, and the surface will not degrade. It's a flat-pack fire pit and BBQ with teeth on either side for metal rods to support pans & pots.

The Inferno Original has 4 adjustable fire pit positions to allow you to direct the heat or size of the fire pit by adjusting the angles.

4 pieces that just slide together - no tools or bolts required.

What's included: 

  • Fire pit made from cooking grade 4mm thick stainless steel
  • Hot plate & grill made from cooking grade 3mm thick stainless steel
  • 2x pan/pot support bars - to put a cooking pan or pot over the fire
  • Heavy duty stainless steel carry case which doubles as an ember catch tray (national park compliant)
  • Instructions
  • Steel wire brush for cleaning
  • Hot plate and grill lifting handle

The Perfect Fire Pit

Find what fits your outdoor adventure plans.

Size and versatility to suit all outdoor occasions

4 different fire pit positions with accessories to turn the Inferno
original into a fire pit, BBQ or rotisserie, which makes it suitable for all seasons!

Industrial grade stainless steel designed to last generations!

Heavy duty stainless steel made to withstand heat and the elements for that will last for years to come!

Perfect for the seasoned camper

Made for group gatherings, a must have camping staple. Suitable for groups between 2-8 people

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great little camping addition

Very well made and easy to pack and unpack. It's coming on our next trip.

Mick R
Fire Pit

Great quality and finish, more than helpful with my questions when contacted about product features and inclusions.

Ian Cordell
Great fire pit

I am very happy with the fire pit already used it to cook a barbie with and had the camp oven on it last night worked very well and it packs away to almost nothing excellent product.

Genivieve L
Industrial grade perfection

The first thing we noticed about our Inferno Original was the industrial grade material, it feels lux! We have since used the fire pit several times and can confirm it's easy to assemble and dismantle, adaptable with the different settings, and perfect to cook with. We've gotten our friends onto these fire pits and they all love them. An Aussie staple.

Jenny Smith
Amazing quality - Inferno Original 60cm

Whether you're a seasoned camper or just looking for a fire pit for those casual nights at home, look no further than the Inferno Original. The various fire pit positions means you can cook different meats different ways, all whilst knowing you'll always get the same delicious outcome. Not to mention the kids love using the fire pit to roast marshmallows. Thank you, The Fire Pit Company!!

FAQ & Specs

Dimensions & Weight

Standard size:

Assembled: 600mm x 420mm x 280mm (LWH)

Flat Pack: 600mm x 300mm x 50mm (LWH)

Weight: 21kg

Compact size:

: 400mm x 420mm x 280mm (LWH)

Packed Flat: 400mm x 300mm x 20mm (LWH)

Weight: 15kg

What Size Is Right For Me?

Inferno Starter: Suitable for couples or groups of 2-4 people.

Inferno Original: Suitable for groups of 4-6 people.

Inferno Pro: Suitable for groups of 6-9 people.

What grade stainless steel is used?

High-quality 430 grade stainless steel for fire pits and hot plates/grills.


  • Excellent durability, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  • Safe and hygienic cooking surface.
  • Easy to clean and even heat distribution.
  • Practical, aesthetic, and reliable for outdoor cooking.
Why is the material thickness designed for optimal durability and portability?

Carefully engineered and tested for the perfect balance.

Optimal thickness for strength and practical weight.

Strategic folds act as stiffeners, providing reinforcement.

Superior to bulkier 5mm fire pits that can warp and become cumbersome.

Will my fire pit warp or distort by the heat?

Highest quality Australian steel used.

Slight distortion possible with extended use or overloading with timber.

Fire pit returns to normal shape when cooled down.

Never throw water on the fire pit; use sand/soil to extinguish the flame, or allow to cool down over time.

How hot does the firepit get?

Extremely hot! It is estimated to be over 400 degrees Celsius. The fire
pit will retain its heat even once the fire is out. Do not touch and keep children and pets away